Type PC6D single point load cell

Type PC6D single point load cell

Type PC6D single point load cell

Flintec PC6D single point load cell is a digital version of its type PC6. It is constructed with stainless steel and is completely hermetic sealed ideal for use in the harsh industrial conditions and for wash-down applications.Type PC6D is particularly designed for dynamic weighing purposes such as check weighing and filling applications. The can open interface gives an easy connection to PC, PLC and other devices.PC6D comes with a capacity range of up to 20 kg and maximum platform size up to 450 x 450 mm. It provides IP68 Environmental Protection. It is a Digital load cell features Integral mounting spacer, integrated micro controller Ā selectable digital filtering and A/D conversion having maximum conversion rate up to 1 200/s. PC6D has can open interface with switchable bus termination. Software features comprise 1 software trigger and 4 software set points with Firmware download

It is available in 2 firmware versions.

Optional firmware: ā€œFluid Filling Controllerā€ for dosing applications of pellets,fluids or powder.

Default firmware: ā€œAutomatic Weighing Controllerā€ for applications of dynamic weighing in multi head scales or check weighs.

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