LP1X Series Label Printer

The LP1X is new innovative thermal label printer by Aclas. LP1X thermal label printer comes with combined price […]

LS6X Series Label Printing Scale

LS6X series is another innovative addition to Aclas products line up. It is best-suited for medium and large-sized […]

LH15X Hanging scale

Aclas introduces its new LH15X Hanging scale exclusively for the use of medium and large superstores, fresh seafood […]

OS2CXK Checkout Scale

Checkout Scales has many advantages such as this device provide the accurate weighing information and decreases the faults […]


TS2DX is new additions in Aclas ARM based touch scales series. Its features an open platform OS and […]

TS5NX Touch Scales

TS5NX is an innovative addition in Aclas products line-up of retail scaling products. TS5 is an ARM-based touch […]