KP-KPK Junction boxes

The Flintec manufactures the high-tech polyester junction box series which is designed to accommodate up to three or […]

KPFD-8 Junction Box, Polyester

The Flintec offers the advanced KPFD-8 polyester junction box which is designed to connect up to 8 digital […]

KPF Junction Box Polyester

Flintec has introduced a new range of high quality and high-tech polyester junction boxes which are available in […]

KPB-4 Junction Box

The Flintec KPB-4 Junction Box plastic junction box is designed to provide the connection with 4 Type PB […]

KEK-4 Junction Box

The Flintec introduces its new stainless steel junction box KEK-4 which can accommodate load cells connections of up […]

KA-KAK Junction Box

Flintec has added the product line of painted aluminum junction box which is available in three different versions, […]